There are evil forces that are attacking our children everyday. My goal is to protect our kids through knowledge and help them become strong physically, mentally and Spiritually!


We need to raise and develop our children to be strong physically, mentally and Spiritually to combat the at best, indifferent and at worst actively-evil forces that are trying to warp and abuse them. Parents, learn how to spot these evil tactics and teach our amazing children how to be safe!


How To Talk To Our Children About Fentanyl

Synthetic Fentanyl is killing our children. We are going to combat this monster by educating our children and make them STRONG!


How To Avoid Pedophiles & Grooming

Unfortunately, our beautiful children are the target of evil, sick and twisted "people." These vile creatures want to abuse, exploit and traffic our youth.  Take action by educating ourselves and our children against this.


Gender identity, dysphoria and confusion, say WHAT?

I have had many parents come to me with questions about gender issues and this transgender push .  Learn what gender really means and how to teach our children to be strong in the face of this evil push on them.



More child education and empowerment under development

"Dr. Brown, I am so grateful for all you have done to care for my son when no one else could help him. You took care of him like your own and now he is thriving and growing strong.""

Holly W.